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The Wright Brothers Institute and the Greater Cleveland Partnership collaborate to drive a thriving tech innovation ecosystem in Ohio that fosters relationships and interactions among business, entrepreneurs, non-profits, universities, government, and other stakeholders. This partnership promotes scientific research and development to expand the transfer and commercialization of technologies developed by Federal laboratories, universities, or other public or private entities.

Our Goals

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How We Can Help

Leverage The Labs

From the Air Force Research Lab to The Federal Labs Consortium let us help fill the gap between discovery

and development

Leverage The Marketplace

WBI and our partners scout new technologies and products, connecting them to acquisition pathways, and bringing them to the Air Force so our warfighters are able to meet the challenges they face.

Access the experts to help companies learn, understand, and meet the needs of both military and commercial markets so that they can impact all comers and be uniquely positioned to scale for success.

Leverage The Solutions


Wright Brothers Institute (WBI) is a cutting-edge innovation and technology commercialization center for the Air Force Research Laboratory, with facilities located just outside of WPAFB in Dayton, OH.  We drive fast, agile innovation that enables successful technology development to solve the Air Force’s most complex challenges by leveraging resident experts, unique facilities, disruptive innovation processes, and extensive networks. We leverage subject matter experts and intellectual property from AFRL and SBIR companies to unlock the right problem, connect to new partners and synchronize transition pathways through our commercialization partners.