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  • Member Spotlight: Perspectus

    Celebrating Twenty Years of Designing Exceptional Experiences Perspectus is a full-service architecture firm providing comprehensive design and historic architectural services located in downtown Cleveland. From its inception in 2001, it has grown from a few architects sharing phones, into one of the largest architectural firms in Cleveland with 42 staff members, 28 registered architects, and 3 interior designers. Bill Ayars, FAIA, FACHA, MBA, and Larry Fischer, AIA, ACHA Emeritus, founded the firm with a focus on healthcare facility design. Today, through both organic and acquisition growth, Perspectus maintains additional expertise in senior living, civic & government, clubs & hospitality, science & technology, historic architecture, campus & cultural, and commercial spaces in Northeast Ohio and surrounding mid-Atlantic states. In 2018, Salvatore Rini, AIA, ACHA and Michael Lipowski, AIA, ACHA, assumed Managing Principal roles alongside Bill, as Larry transitioned into his new role as Chairman of the Board of Advisors. Design Philosophy The Perspectus team is adept at providing creative solutions which are responsive to each project’s context and demands. The goal is to produce dynamic and highly functional spaces built or restored with durable materials delivering technical excellence. Sustainable, efficient, timeless, and approachable are hallmarks of a Perspectus design. In a healthcare setting, this can involve modeling the interaction between patient and provider to enhance the patient experience, creating dynamic and functional spaces. Often, the building becomes a community asset beyond the original intent. Centers for Dialysis Care, Cleveland East Facility. This flagship facility was awarded the 2020 AIA Ohio Design Merit award for providing patients a comfortable and relaxed environment while undergoing dialysis for up to 6 hours. Photo Credit: Scott Pease Photography Cleveland Public Auditorium Music Hall Renovation, Cleveland. This multiple-design award-winning project restored this 1928 jewel to its original glory while incorporating ADA-compliant updates and new technology. Photo Credit: Scott Pease Photography Perspectus understands that collaboration is critically important to the success of any project. Within a framework of cooperation, respect, and professionalism, the Perspectus team partners with numerous types of engineers and a wealth of other consultants across the industry to design creative solutions in pursuit of clients’ greatest ambitions. Developing true partnerships with clients and consultants enables projects to be managed with reliability, cooperation, and communication from the first steps of programming and design through finishing touches. MetroHealth, Main Campus Apex Project, Cleveland. In collaboration with Turner Construction and CBLH Design, Perspectus has designed this new 6-story outpatient & administrative building as part of MetroHealth’s larger campus transformation plan. It is scheduled for completion in 2023. Giving Back Corporate social responsibility plays a major role in the firm’s philosophy and culture. The Leadership Team believes giving back involves supporting clients, community non-profits, and professional development organizations. Employees have given countless hours from being ACE (Architecture Construction Engineering) Mentors at local high schools, to designing houses for Habitat for Humanity, to supporting over 30 local nonprofits. The staff also provides professional expertise through significant Board and Committee participation, holding positions at the local, regional, state, and national levels. Prospect Yard, Cleveland. Prospect Yard is an adaptive reuse project that addressed housing affordability in Cleveland, providing a high-end, industrial loft feel in affordable housing. Photo Credit: Scott Pease Photography Contributing to the Economy Perspectus takes pride in their contribution to community and economic growth. New buildings and renovation initiatives are more than just bricks and mortar; they are enduring pieces of our environment, constructed by hundreds of skilled laborers, and infusing millions of dollars per month into the local economy. Just over one year ago, Perspectus moved its offices from Shaker Square to downtown Cleveland. The move put Perspectus at the heart of the exciting revitalization happening downtown and has allowed the firm to grow in a new, inspiring environment. The larger office space has allowed them to spread out, a much-needed element of the Covid-redesigned office, which features a great view of Lake Erie and a connection to the amenities available just outside their front door. Perspectus is located at 1300 E. 9th Street. For more information, please visit their website (www.perspectus.com), or look for Perspectus Architecture on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

  • Lakefront Access Investments Continuing Through Collaboration And Creativity

    October 24, 2021 — If you’ve ever been to Baltimore or Chicago and looked at the waterfront, you might have thought, “Why can’t we do this along Lake Erie?” “Well, we can do this,’’ said Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish. “Chicago and Baltimore each have a couple of miles of lakefront access. We can have 30 miles of lakefront access. … The opportunities are endless.’’ GCP recently spoke with Budish, Euclid Mayor Kirsten Holzheimer-Gail, and Bay Village Mayor Paul Koomar about what the county and those cities are doing to increase public access to the lakefront. Other Cuyahoga County cities along Lake Erie are also working on similar projects. Holzheimer-Gail said Euclid started with a series of meetings with residents and businesses to build a community-based plan for what the lakefront should be. “It took a lot of persistence, it took a lot of creativity, it took a lot of partners to do this,’’ she said. In 2013, Euclid built a fishing pier on the lakeshore at Sims Park and started planning a 3/4 mile all-purpose trail. The trail plans included erosion mitigation, reclaimed some of the historic beaches and, most importantly, opened up access to the lake. The mayor said the trail is mostly along private properties. “We have 1,400 residents in the high-rise towers and nearly 100 other stakeholders that we had to get on board. It took a tremendous amount of community engagement.’’ Early on, she said lakefront access was talking about just a marina. But during a public engagement, the idea of a trail came along. “Without the residents who agreed to the permanent easement, who agreed to this project being built, it would not have happened. This private-public partnership makes this project happen. Again, it’s about building trust.’’ It also took stitching together a funding plan that included money from federal, county, city, and state sources, as well as private donations and support from other community partners. “By the end of the year we will be substantially done with phase two of the trail, which will include a paddle-craft beach and new lakefront park,’’ said Holzheimer-Gail. “We’re seeing new investment in the area. People are coming to visit from all over.’’ And, she added, “We’ve seen new houses being built in the new project area and adjacent areas. We’ve seen new investment in our downtown. Citywide it’s shown that when there’s an investment in the community, there’s pride in the community.’’ Mayor Koomar talked about Bay Village’s Cahoon Park Lakefront Master Plan, which aims to increase Lake Erie access that’s somewhat limited to the public. The plan also addresses erosion issues at the park, which abuts Cleveland Metroparks Huntington Reservation. The new Cuyahoga County library in the park will have a trail to the lakefront. And, Koomar noted, “Cuyahoga County’s plan fits in very well with what Bay Village wants to do.’’ “The key here is connectivity,’’ said Budish. “There’s a lot of things that are going on right now, a lot of things that are done, they just need to be connected.’’ For instance, he talked about north/south routes in the county that connect to the lakefront and need to be upgraded to help more people get to the shoreline. “It creates entertainment, dinner, and lunch opportunities like the East Bank of The Flats and Merwin’s Wharf and it fosters economic development. … Millennials love it, and we want to attract and keep them in the region,” said Budish, who easily gives credit to other entities – including NOACA, Cleveland Metroparks and other cities – for getting this work done and moving ahead. “I’m especially pleased with having mayors Gail and Koomar talking about this; they are fantastic leaders on this effort. It’s very doable,’’ noting that there are barriers, including having a lot of private property along the lakefront. But property owners, he noted, are very interested in help with erosion protection. Budish said while eventually, his goal is to see the entire Cuyahoga County lakefront connected, he thinks the next focus area will be connecting downtown out to East 55th Street. Budish noted he has talked with U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur about connecting walking and bike paths across the entire Lake Erie shore. How can the private sector help with these efforts? “If you are along a project area, get involved and be active in that,’’ said Gail, noting that if K&D – the owner of the four high-rises abutting part of the Euclid trail – was not involved, “this project would not have happened.’’

  • Roads, Airports, Broadband And Public Transit To Benefit From Infrastructure Investment

    October 29, 2021 — Ohio is slated to receive more than $12 billion of the $550 billion available from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. The proposed funds will be used to further efforts regarding Roads & Bridges, Electric Vehicle Charging, Airports, Resiliency, Water Infrastructure, Broadband, and Public Transit; with notable investments being allocated to the Brent Spence Bridge Corridor Project and the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. The 2022 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is a newly funded spend package that is a part of an overall fund of $1.2 trillion. Currently, the remaining $650 billion is being approved by Congress to be used for transportation projects and water programs. Though the United States has many investment priorities, infrastructure has remained as one of the main areas of focus. So, what does that mean for Ohio? Ohio can expect to receive funding for road and bridges, public transit, broadband, water infrastructure, resiliency, airports, and electric vehicle charging. The Great Lakes Metro Chambers Coalition, a national collective of chambers of commerce across the Great Lakes region that GCP helps to lead, has long advocated for federal investment in two key priority projects: the Brent Spence Bridge Corridor* and the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative**. Below is a closer look at exactly how these funds could be spent: * The Brent Spence Bridge Corridor project will improve safety, economic activity, and worry-free traveling for residents in Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky. Additional funding may be provided through grants ** The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) is a results-driven program that addresses serious threats to the ecological and economic well-being of the Great Lakes basin, including invasive species, pollution, and toxic contamination *** The Affordability Connectivity Benefit allows low-income families to afford internet access For more information: Brent Spence Bridge Corridor Project Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Action Plan III 2022 Budget Resolution and Reconciliation

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  • GCP INGEAR Committee Survey | Greater Cleveland Partnership INGEAR

    GCP INGEAR Committee Survey The following survey is provided to all GCP INGEAR Committee members following input received by staff during one-on-one conversations held in October and early November. Please complete the confidential survey no later than close of business December 9, 2020. Doing Business in Greater Cleveland and Northeast Ohio: Please rate the quality and cost fo the following Community Services for your business Utilities Water Sewer Electric Gas Telecommunications Transportation Rail Air Service Public Transportation Truck/Fleet Streets/Highways Community Services Health Care Education (K-12) Higher Education Quality Rate arrow&v Rate arrow&v Rate arrow&v Rate arrow&v Rate arrow&v Rate arrow&v Rate arrow&v Rate arrow&v Rate arrow&v Rate arrow&v Rate arrow&v Rate arrow&v Rate arrow&v Cost Rate arrow&v Rate arrow&v Rate arrow&v Rate arrow&v Rate arrow&v Rate arrow&v Rate arrow&v Rate arrow&v Rate arrow&v Rate arrow&v Rate arrow&v Rate arrow&v Rate arrow&v What factors are inhibiting your growth in Greater CLE and Northeast Ohio? (select all that apply) Lack of land/facilities Uncompetitive Tax Rates Access to qualified workforce and talent Labor Costs Access to capital Access to markets Lack of Diversity & Inclusion Energy/Utility costs Public policy and regulations Public Transportation/Air Service Education/Training What resources/support would benefit your business operations? (Select all that apply) Business advocacy Advisory services Local, State, Federal business incentives/resources Employee recruitment, hiring and training Diversity & Inclusion Training and Resources Employee benefits/packages/childcare Supply chain resources Access to capital and financial service providers Real estate and site location services Increased access to local procurement/providers IT Support and Investment Access to regional customers Growth Opportunities--what growth opportunities exist in your company/industry? Physical relocation, consolidation and business expansion Equipment and facility capital investment New product development/innovation Increased virtual/remote workforce development New/expanded customer base Merger & Acquisitions New Market growth Onshoring/reshoring Do you feel you have appropriate knowledge of and access to business and economic development resource providers (including GCP) that can help the company reach its goals of growth and profitability? Yes No ​The following information will be collected and reported in the aggregate across all respondents regardless of business size or industry Diversity and Inclusion 1) How would you rate your company's current D&I program? Very Effective Somewhat Effective Neutral Needs Improvement No Program 2) How Diverse is the company's leadership team? Very Diverse Somewhat Diverse Needs Improvement 3) Does the company's HR policies and practices support hiring diverse candidates? Yes Somewhat Needs Improvement 4) Does the company seek supplier diversity for procurement of goods and services locally? Yes No 5) Are you engaged with or familiar with the GCP Equity & Inclusion Division? Very Familiar Somewhat Familiar Not Familiar Impact of COVID Pandemic 1) From a sales perspective how has COVID effected your business? Revenue Growth Revenue Stable Revenue Reduction 2) Did your company receive local, state of federal assistance related to COVID Pandemic? (check all that apply) Paycheck Protection Program SBA Disaster Assistance Loan (EIDL) Local (municipal or county) grant and resource support State of Ohio grant and resource support Pre-existing Loan forgiveness/deferment Property or other tax/fee deferral or forgiveness Other 3) What effect has COVID Pandemic had on employment levels? Additional employees hired No impact Employee Layoffs/Furloughs 4) Is the company positioned for growth post pandemic? Yes Possible No Workforce--Recruitment and Training 1) Are you currently hiring? Yes No What skillsets are you looking for? (check all that apply) Salaried professionals with experience Salaried professionals entry level Skilled hourly Unskilled/Entry level hourly 2) What platform(s) do you use when seeking employees? (check all that apply) Outside services (Indeed, Monster) Ohio Means Jobs Employee/Client Referrals Company Website GCP INGEAR Platform Other 3) Do you feel the region has a consistent stream of workers to meet the company's growth goals? Strongly Agree Agree Somewhat Agree Somewhat Disagree Disagree Strongly Disagree Thanks for submitting! Submit 1= Excellent 2=Good 3=Average 4=Poor 5=No Opinion

  • Site Selelction Form | Greater Cleveland Partnership INGEAR

    All information provided will be kept confidential and will remain between GCP and the client Site Selection Form Personal Information Site Search Information Purchase Or Lease Purchase Lease No Preference Single/Multi Tenant Single Multi No Preference Type of Use Choose an option arrow&v Square Footage Range Geographic Preference Other Considerations Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • Home | Greater Cleveland Partnership INGEAR

    Welcome To A Greater Cleveland Project Management Site Selection Talent Energy Solutions Public Sector Coordination IN dustry G rowth , E xpansion , A ttraction , R etention Let The Greater Cleveland Partnership Get Your Business INGEAR ® The Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP) INGEAR portal was created to help businesses easily access the resources that Greater Cleveland has with the goal to help industry growth, expansion, attraction, and retention efforts in the region Enter A Land On The Rise By any number of metrics, Cleveland and Cuyahoga County are the core of one of the nation’s strongest metro areas with formidable momentum. ​ Cleveland boasts a great and storied history and its recent progress ignited by major investments that have accelerated growth and new opportunities for our community. There’s a renewed sense of confidence and readiness for what comes next. We have been forged by a legacy of innovators and makers, grown to prominence as a global healthcare capital, and are looking ahead to the next decade of innovation and growth in Greater Cleveland. ​ This is a community where companies, organizations, and individuals thrive and where a national model for public-private partnership has demonstrated the ability – time and again – to tackle major initiatives and move with agility and velocity when we see significant opportunity. ​ There has never been a better time to thrive in “The Land.”- and there remains much work to do together. Join us as we continue our journey to new heights. Why Cleveland INGEAR ® Suite Of Services Project Management Whether you need help financing real estate, machinery, equipment or technology – whatever your business need - we provide you with the comprehensive advisory services and access to resources your project needs from concept to completion Learn More > Site Selection Let our team lead your site search for a new building or property for expansion, relocation or consolidation that will help your company grow Learn Mor