Why Carbon Offsets, And How To Make The Best Use Of Them

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Carbon offsets are an effective bridging mechanism to help companies and organizations have better management of their carbon footprint, meet carbon reduction targets, and become carbon neutral. Including carbon offsets as part of your organization’s energy plan, shows voluntary action and climate responsibility in lowering your company’s negative impact on the environment.

At World Kinect Energy Services, we help you start this process by calculating the total amount of emissions generated from your company’s energy usage, that number is then converted into tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2e). You can then offset that number and publicly make the claim that you have compensated for part of your emissions. If you choose to do this calculation considering all of your business emissions, not just the energy usage, this is your “carbon footprint”. At that point, if you choose to offset all of your company’s emissions, you can then claim, “Carbon Neutrality”.

Whichever part of your emissions you wish to offset, an equivalent amount of carbon offset credits from a recognised emission reduction project needs to be purchased. Different types of projects that reduce emissions and create carbon offsets include: wind energy, reduction of methane from landfills, and forestry sequestration.

Purchasing carbon offsets from high-quality projects is a great marketing tool, as it shows that you are doing your part to help address climate change. As more and more customers are requiring companies to take responsibility for their impact on the environment, offsetting emissions can give you a competitive advantage.

It’s important to highlight that offsets are sold and traded under binding contracts and purchase agreements that stipulate the amount of emissions credits to be delivered. They are also tracked in an independent registry to ensure they aren't double-sold or used beyond their valid lifetime. As a buyer you also want to make sure they have a premium-quality label such as VCS (voluntary carbon standard) or Gold Standard.

Now that you have learned more about carbon offsets and the benefits it brings to both your business and the environment, we at World Kinect Energy Services are here to help you incorporate them into your energy plan for 2021 and beyond.

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