The Blue Water Economy

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

The Greater Cleveland Partnership's Business Growth and Development Services team conducts business retention and expansion outreach to help companies grow.

As part of this effort, we are working with the Cleveland Water Alliance and Cuyahoga County to develop an economic development strategy for retaining and attracting water-related and water-intensive businesses.

Ohio’s 18-county Northeast region is globally recognized for its skilled workforce, low cost of doing business, corporate-friendly tax structure, logistics infrastructure and quality of life.

From the Flats to the hills, Cuyahoga County brings logistics strength, remarkable infrastructure, progressive governance and enlivened revenue streams to the job of developing our region. The most populous county in Ohio, Cuyahoga has a workforce second to none in training, experience and heritage. The county is experiencing unparalleled momentum as billions of dollars are being invested in business, waterfront and real estate, tourism, destination and entertainment developments resulting in new jobs, new destinations, new neighborhoods and new business growth opportunities.

Cleveland and the surrounding communities that comprise Cuyahoga County stand out for their seamless blending of amenities with hip neighborhoods that look over steel valleys, educational and cultural districts that adjoin reinvigorated inner cities, corporate office parks connected to a vast park system and a unique mix of tradition with new age personality designed to retain and grow businesses from every industry.

Cuyahoga County is home to every industry sector including biomed start-ups, advanced manufacturing, logistics and shipping, and chemicals and aerospace. Healthcare continues to be one of the county’s strengths, with one of the most respected hospital networks in the world. Our county maintains a well-trained workforce, advanced technical and scientific research and training, a $100 million economic development investment fund, and strong, sustained partnerships with its public and private sector partners.

With our region's climate and proximity to the Great Lakes, we believe that we have a competitive advantage with respect to our access to fresh water, compared with other regions experiencing water stresses now, both now and in the future.

In Northeast Ohio, our past and our future is in water. Northeast Ohio’s history is deeply rooted in water, making it a vibrant center of industry, utility, technology and research partners who understand that our region’s future depends upon Lake Erie. The water resources of this region set the stage for technological advancement and continue to drive one of America’s most dynamic regional economies.
~ Cleveland Water Alliance

Combined with our region's strength in manufacturing and professional services, the workforce's skills and recognized work ethic, and a broad range of support services and programs, our region is well-suited for businesses that have significant freshwater needs or are related to the water industry.

To this end, we have created two surveys* to gather feedback from both water-related and water-intensive businesses. If your business is a heavy user of water, or is otherwise water-related, we are interested in your feedback!

If you are a water-related business, please complete this survey

If you are a water-intensive business, please complete this survey.

*Any information received via the surveys will be used in aggregate form only; individual companies will not be identified. We will use a summary of the survey responses to strategize how to support and attract water-related and water-intensive companies to our region over the next couple of years.

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