Member Spotlight: SpaceBound Solutions

Categorized as an essential business by the U.S. Government and certified as a GSA and STS contract holder, SpaceBound Solutions has you covered! A certified Women’s Business Enterprise, SpaceBound Solutions, remains committed to providing the critical IT services, solutions and technology products necessary to keep businesses, government and schools up and running 24/7.

Regardless of any shelter in place or state mandated shutdown, SpaceBound Solutions will:

• Remain fully operational and available to process all of your technology requirements

• Troubleshoot any IT project or specifications that you may need

SpaceBound Solutions ensures that:

• All services and products are TAA compliant

• Zero counterfeit concerns

• Guaranteed 24-hr processing turn-around on both RFQs and macro or micro request

• All partnerships are directly with top technology vendors

• Only utilize IT staff from the United States

Space Bound, Inc founded in 1987 - the parent company of SpaceBound Solutions, is proud to present the annual NEOTD Tech Conference on April 29th & 30th, 2021.

The NEOTD Tech Conference started in 2017 and its goal was to provide an opportunity for businesses, government agencies, schools, libraries and other organizations to improve their tech landscapes. NEOTD brings experts from the top technology companies so key decision makers can see the latest tech products, services and solutions that they can integrate into their organizations.

Attendees will get to hear from speakers on everything from what steps the State of Ohio and its partners are taking to improve Ohio’s Cyber Security posture, to what organizations can do to protect themselves, to an ‘Ask an Expert’ Q&A panel. This panel features three industry experts, sharing their expertise with the audience to answer their burning questions about ransomware, phishing and much more!

There will also be a virtual exhibitor area with top tech companies such as arcserve, CyberPower, HP, Philips/AOC, Acer, Sophos and many more.

And you will get a chance to win great prizes from exhibitors like Philips, Brother, Linksys, CyberPower and more!

For 2021, the NEOTD Tech Conference is virtual, and it is free to attend.

Register now to attend at:

SpaceBound Solutions is all about creating solutions that work for their customers and their unique needs. To visit their website click here.