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Energy Efficiency Rebates

The passage of HB6 last year has in effect ended the energy efficiency programs that were available for FirstEnergy customers. Organizations who had planned energy efficiency projects will now no longer benefit from FirstEnergy rebates. The good news is that especially for lighting projects, there are still some rebates out there. The PJM regional grid has a rebate program that pays customers for reducing their electricity demand when they install more efficient lighting. This program applies to any electric customer including Cleveland Public Power, Hudson, Painesville customers and other municipally owned electric providers.

What we know from our energy audit program (see additional article in this Enews), is that a majority of the buildings in Northeast Ohio still have inefficient lighting. By changing out or upgrading the lighting, the demand for electricity goes down and PJM pays an incentive for that savings. The process for applying for, and receiving this incentive is easy. The Greater Cleveland Partnership/COSE is an administrator for this program so we gather and submit on your behalf.

The first step is replacing your old lighting. This should be done in all buildings anyway. The cost of LEDs has come down significantly and the electricity and operational savings makes most of these projects pay back in under 3 years. Next, provide a description of the project (number of lights), a W9 and an electric bill. The GCP/COSE Energy team will calculate the KW savings and get everything ready to submit.

The program is based on an auction that takes place every May and will pay incentives for up to four years from the date of installation. This means that a project completed in June of 2020, will be submitted to the PJM in May 2021 and receive bi-annual payments from December 2021 through July of 2025. While this rebate program will not cover the cost of the lighting project, it is an incentive to invest in your facility and save money while keeping the lights on.

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