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COVID-19 Federal Updates: March 23

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Everything you and your business need to know about federal coronavirus response efforts for March 23, 2020.

The Federal Reserve announced its plans to purchase an unlimited amount of Treasury bonds and mortgage-backed securities. The Fed also plans to open three new facilities to purchase corporate and municipal debt.

Also from The Hill, the next federal stimulus package is still being worked on. Democrats have pushed back on aspects of the nearly $2 trillion package, including provisions that could allow companies to lay off workers.

During Sunday’s press briefing with members of the Coronavirus Task Force, President Trump provided several updates on the federal government’s response to COVID-19:

  • President Trump announced the activation of the National Guard to respond to COVID-19 in New York, California, and Washington State and that 100% of the costs of any deployment would be incurred by the federal government.

  • President Trump announced that major state disaster declarations had been approved for New York, California, and Washington State. Medical supplies are in the process of being transferred to those states.

  • President Trump announced that the naval hospital ship—the USNS Mercy—will be deployed to Los Angeles to add emergency surge medical capabilities. The Department of Defense estimates that the USNS Mercy can arrive within a week or less of today’s order.

  • The President announced the creation of a new public-private consortium organized by the White House, the Department of Energy, and IBM to utilize America’s vast supercomputing power to aid researchers pursuing COVID-19 treatments and vaccines.

  • Vice President Pence announced that as of today, approximately 254,000 Americans have undergone and received the results of their coronavirus tests, with slightly more than 30,000 testing positive.

  • The Vice President also announced that the State Department has successfully facilitated the return travel of more than 30,000 Americans from overseas.

  • Monday the President and members of the Coronavirus Task Force will host their press briefing at 5:30pm ET.

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