Business Resources: Lubrizol Life Science Accelerator Program

When you think of specialty chemicals giant Lubrizol, cutting edge niche beauty brands may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But that’s exactly what Lubrizol is doing via the Lubrizol Life Science (LLS) Accelerator Program – giving new beauty brands the ability to go from idea to full execution, in months instead of years.

By leveraging Lubrizol’s deep industry expertise, including product development, proprietary research, formula development, and custom packaging and delivery, emerging beauty brands get everything they need to concept, develop, manufacture and market new products in remarkably short time frames.

LLS also provides additional services, such as consumer insight research and in vivo testing of ingredients for additional confidence in going to market.

Since its inception in 2017, the LLS Accelerator Program has brought over 200 products across over 100 brands to market, with an average time-to-market of 6 months.

What makes the LLS Accelerator program unique is its speed, agility, and holistic approach to developing ingredients and formulas based on consumer insight, performance, and sustainability attributes. Their vast experience and expertise allow customers to substantiate their beauty claims and work through regulatory processes with flexibility. LLS Accelerator’s in-house clinical testing laboratory allows tailored studies to be performed on ingredients and formulas and allows for a greater number of formulations to be tested faster. LLS also owns proprietary active ingredients, including peptides, botanicals, and marine-based products, as well as several sensory products that create the texture and user experience brands are seeking to create, all of which help accelerate time to market with a single, expert supplier.

The LLS Accelerator works with brands of all sizes, from a small business launching their first line of products, to well-known, multinational brands. The most common client profile is a business that has an established brand in an adjacent market such as healthcare or fashion and is looking to expand to a new business line.

“We are a small nimble team within Lubrizol that has a broad range of expertise across different functions. This structure allows us to be innovative and operate as almost a start-up within a large global organization.”
~ Brandon Ford, Chief Accelerator Director

LLS is currently focused on skincare, haircare, and skin cleansing. In 2020, LLS expanded its reach into home care cleaning products.

If you are interested in learning more about the LLS Accelerator Program visit the LSS Accelerator site and fill out the short form.

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