Business Growth & Development Team Partners with GCP Talent on Cuyahoga Workforce Connect IT Sector

In July 2020, the Cuyahoga Workforce Funders Group announced that GCP Talent would lead the Workforce Connect IT Sector Partnership.

Michael Lalich, Director, Business Growth & Services
According to Craig Platt, the new Managing Director of the IT Sector Partnership at GCP, “The IT Sector Partnership drives collaboration across businesses and workforce service providers to develop an ecosystem that produces a highly skilled, diverse, race and gender, talent pipeline for IT”.

The effort kicked off in January 2021 with the formation of an employer leadership team made up of seventeen area IT business leaders. The leadership team will work with workforce providers and educational institutions to develop new and improved talent services that align with the needs of the business community.

Michael Lalich with GCP’s Business Growth & Development Team will provide support for the IT Sector Partnership through business outreach and engagement. He will help companies connect with the new talent services that come out of the Sector Partnership effort. He will also make sure that companies engaged with the IT Sector Partnership have access to the breadth of business support resources available to them in the Cleveland area economic development ecosystem.

Prior to joining GCP, Michael worked to support tech, biomedical, and early-stage startup companies in Cleveland’s Health-Tech Corridor. He is passionate about Cleveland’s innovation ecosystem and excited to provide support for the IT Sector Partnership effort as part of this new cross-departmental collaboration.

If you would like to learn more about the IT Sector Partnership initiative, or any of GCP Talent’s other resources, Michael can be reached at