Regional IT Dashboard & NEO50 Interest Form

Regional IT Dashboard:  A set of KPI's that will signal that Northeast Ohio - through mutually reinforcing individual, organizational and collective efforts - is enabling regional employers to fill demand for skilled and diverse IT workers. 

The NEO50, organized by GCP RITE, will include 50 IT employers to help capture and provide confidential/blinded employer data in support of three of six KPI's.  NEO50 will intentionally represent the region across various industries, sizes and geographies, to create a baseline and then to report progress on specific KPI’s and then others as deemed important by the employer community.     

1. Are you interested in being part of the NE050 and provide blinded and protected data for the following two KPI’s ?

  • Work-Based learning Opportunites - Internships, Co-Ops, Apprenticeships, Projects

  • Conversions to Hire (from Work-Based learning Opportunities)  

  • Local Hires – (regional  graduates and residents)

2. Do you currently capture and retain data specifically noting how many locally educated and sourced candidates are hired?

3. Do you capture and retain data specifically around IT internships, co-ops, apprenticeships, and project-based opportunities?

4. Do you capture and retain data specifically noting how many participants in work-based learning opportunities convert to employment?

5. Do you track how long locally educated and sourced candidates remain employed?

6. Would you support an intern to work on this for your company and as a part of a regional collaborative team?

7. Do you want to learn more about this process?

If you said yes to participating in NEO50 or to learn more about this process, please provide your contact information.  

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