Business Advisory


GCPs Business Growth & Development team is focused on providing our businesses with the expertise and advice needed to access the myriad of business resources, both monetary and non-monetary, that will help you grow and thrive in Greater Cleveland and the region.

Our dedicated team of experts will facilitate and promote key introductions for business's leadership to the public and private partners of our economic development ecosystem.


Confidential Services Include:

Project Management

Provide project management oversight and assistance for all relocation retention, expansion, and attraction opportunities. Coordinate all activities and engagements with public and private eco-system partners. Serve as the central access point.

Access to Resources

Identifying the right private and public resource support for our business’s unique needs. Be it for real estate, machinery and equipment, research and development, workforce, technology and more – we help you address your financial and talent needs.

Energy Solutions

We are focused on helping you achieve your energy goals to increase efficiencies, enhance sustainability and decrease and manage costs. Our team of energy advisors consults on natural gas and electric procurement, risk management, infrastructure development, sustainability programs, regulatory and legislative issues, financial solutions, a full slate of rebates and connecting you to a network of local contractors for project implementation.

Public Sector Coordination

Through active involvement with public and civic partner initiatives, Greater Cleveland Partnership’s Civic Initiatives program provides businesses essential perspective and expertise related to neighborhood and community plans, infrastructure investments, development regulations, land remediation, public space enhancement and conservation, and other civic efforts that impact the quality of life and economic vitality. 

Equity & Inclusion

GCP's Equity & Inclusion division, formerly the Commission on Economic Inclusion, has been working since 2001 to close the racial disparities in jobs, income and wealth, by growing businesses owned by people of color and increasing workforce diversity, equity and inclusion. Ultimately, this work is fueled by the belief that businesses and the region are stronger with greater racial equity.

Real Estate Services/Cleveland Development Advisors

Targeted physical development is an important element of the Greater Cleveland Partnership’s strategy. The GCP works with its real estate development affiliate, Cleveland Development Advisors (CDA), and its external partners to leverage and connect existing assets and create new catalytic projects that stimulate further economic development.